Tips On How To Save Money On A Cruise In 2020

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When it comes to paying for a luxury cruise chances are you see two options: either go for the easy route and pay what you see on the brochure or spend hours and days searching for the best price.

The great news is with comparison and deal websites these days, these things are obsolete. It becomes easier to search quickly for a great deal on your next cruise. With so many lines offering a range of sailings per week on an annual basis, you can guess that there is so much time spent on researching all the endless possibilities. To cut the headache and speed things up, I have compiled some of the best money-saving tips that help you find the best deals quickly.

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1. Don’t Go With The Brochure Price

Remember that the brochure rate is the highest rate you could ever pay. Even though they look glossy and the pictures look super inviting, this will be sample pricing. Very rarely do you see anyone actually paying it. Moreover, ensure you either bargain your way to a good deal or search online for the best rates.

2. Plan Your Own Excursions

If you want to cut costs and still have the best of everything, it’s a good idea to plan your own excursions. This is bound to give you a better price and you can always go with independent tour guides on the location for the best deal where you have room to barter.

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3. Time It Right

Timing is crucial to getting the best deal in 2020. To make it as affordable as possible, it’s best to book as early as possible. At least 4 months before you want to set sail and even earlier if you are aiming for a peak season such as the summer holidays.

If you can do it when the kids are in school too, this will also save money and cut the travel as you are going during the more off-peak, less-touristy time of the year. However, you will also be able to find last-minute deals even though this is more of a risky strategy.

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4. Go To Discount Sites

There are plenty of discount sites around that act as a scanner, spotting the best prices and deals to give you the best snapshot of a range of deals across a range of lines.

Kayak, CruiseDirect and Expedia are some of the most well known sites for finding cut-price cruises. You will also be able to set yourself up to price alerts so as soon as the price drops, you can be notified.

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Those are some tips on how you can save money on a cruise trip. Any trip can be made more cost-efficient and affordable providing there’s enough research done with enough time and if you’re look in the right places.

Have you been on a cruise before? Are you interesting in going on one this year? If so then what are you waiting for? Better start planning that trip now!

I’ll be back with some more travel content soon. Stay tuned guys 🙂

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