Guest Post: The Flying American By Daniel Campos (@XXXDANIELCD)

Not long ago I put up an open advert on Twitter inviting travel bloggers and influencers to guest write on my blog. One of those who responded to it was Daniel Campos (@XXXDANIELCD)
What’s so unique about what Daniel is sharing is that it’s not only a guest post on a topic in the realm of travelling he’s discussing, but also a backstory on how he got round to becoming the avid, independent traveller he is today. He also talks about how it lead to him kickstarting his brand XXXDCD and the impact the wanderlust has had on him.
Not to mention that I am pleased to be able to have a collaboration with a male blogger in some way shape or form and I appreciate him taking the time and effort to write for my blog and showing the blogging world that male bloggers DO exist out there, we’re just slowly but surely rising as a species.
I shall hand it over to the founder of XXXDCD himself:
My name is Daniel Campos and I’m happy to get a feature on this blog! Thank you for the opportunity to share my story and talk a little bit about who I am, where I come from and what I do. To start off, I was born and raised in Southern California. Born in Pomona, raised in Ontario (1 hour from LA). I’m first generation and come from Mexican parents that taught me to work hard for everything I have. All aspects in my life have been built on that principle. From my travels all the way to my brand all from the ground up. I’m avid on sharing my culture and proud to have the opportunity to share my story and give my perspective on traveling from someone that isn’t used to having everything handed to them. There’s a lot of stereotypes about Americans in that we travel like tourists, eat McDonalds and shop fancy, etc. Or just don’t travel at all. I like to be a representation as to how that isn’t true. I think a part of what makes traveling “traveling” is getting to see and experience things from the local’s perspective. From the food, drinks, nightlife, visiting spots and anything else you can think of. To me the typical sight-seeing is cool but going beyond that is always what really gives me unforgettable memories.
I’m currently traveling 15 countries from Moscow to London including Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands and the United Kingdom for my brand and platform which I created 3 years ago off of my life experiences to motivate people to push self-reliance. The message is simple: don’t sit around waiting on others to make your life ambitions come true. Whether it’s traveling, creating art or following a passion that others doubt you on, never rely on anyone but yourself to get done what you want to accomplish in life.

Many of my life experience’s pushing self-reliance and doing things alone have contributed to my mentality when it comes to traveling alone. When I was about 15 I was always relying on people to go out to places, get things done and always found himself with the same end result: disappointment. In 2010 I was on a mission to attend an electronic music event “EDC Los Angeles” this kick-started the beginning of my self-reliance mentality. Sometimes what we perceive as “bad” experiences at the time end up making us stronger individuals in the long run once we conquered them. Two years later I made a one-man trip to Miami at the age of 18 and following that I lived in London, UK alongside travels in Europe at the age of 20. I did all of this without knowing anyone that had ever been to Miami or Europe, to give me tips or suggestions. Networking and meeting people from all aspects of life became a regular part of my life and I began to make connections. After, these experiences I wanted something to symbolize how I was thinking. A concept to brand these moves was put into effect with the intentions to inspire.
In the beginning and even today I did a lot if not all of the work to get my brand started. From research, going to conventions, creating the designs, going to producers to get products manufactured, marketing, handling sales, shipping and more. Part of my story and a lot of my designs are essentially sharing stories. Part of my story was never making excuses for myself (We put that on jackets haha, Original No Excuses Club). Going back to the aspect of traveling and meeting people it eventually got imbedded into the culture of XXXDCD that customers from all over the world or that were traveling would send me product photos from around the glove and thus far we’ve got product photos in 50 different countries internationally.
I’ve attended a lot of parties around the globe, met amazing people that have shown me there’s hope for humanity and experienced scenarios that have made me feel alive for the first time. That alongside tasting some of the most interesting foods in the world and having the opportunity to share my culture and food are why I’m fond of traveling. It’s a never-ending learning experience on a larger scale.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my story.
– Daniel Campos / XXXDCD Guy
Daniel’s socials are below:
Twitter | @xxxdanielcd
Instagram | @xxxdanielcd
Snapchat | @xxxdanielcd
Thanks for reading guys! And stayed tuned for more content.
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