Extremely Elevated In Edinburgh – Day 2 (Trip Review)

Day 1 definitely saw me elevated in Edinburgh to the literal sense in height, reception and local culture. However I spent most of the morning during my 2nd day battling with the hangover I got from the bar crawl the night before. More on that in my accommodation review soon 😉

To compound it, Edinburgh’s hospitality went left. I get it was very very windy and blustery but the rudeness and aloofness I got from locals on the streets or in stores weren’t warranted, especially when you’re in the most touristy part of the city. One guy even had the cheek to call me “chicken” when I didn’t wanna do a particular “big favour” for him.

I’m sure it doesn’t reflect the majority of Edinburgh people but still they weren’t setting a good example. It nearly put me off doing more sightseeing, which I’m gonna go into!

Attraction Watch

Museum Of Content (Victoria Street)

One of the several Harry Potter themed stores around. The Museum of Content is quite small going by museum sizes, or least the one on Victoria Street.

There’s not much to see in all honesty. The coolest things in the museum for me though were the famous “Chamber Of Secrets has been opened” Ginny Weasley wrote in blood on the mirror that’s on one of the floors as a prop and a room of requirement replica (I believe – may be wrong). Also, if you get to the top floor you can take a pic posing as a Hogwarts student by sitting in a classroom chair. With textbooks and pens as other props on the table you would be sitting at.

National Gallery Of Scotland

Scotland’s national gallery features art native to Scotland as well as art from counties all other Northern and Western Europe. A lot of striking paintings. This includes art from famous artists such as Vincent Van Gogh.

The detail and colour they put into their paintings is possibly the richest I’ve seen. They look so fresh. There was one in one gallery that I swear looked like it was just painted the way the oil pastels were shining.

Edinburgh Castle

One of the most targeted places in the world by armies, Edinburgh Castle was home to Scottish royalty.  Between 1200-1700s 26 attempts were made by some of the world’s finest military forces to invade the castle. The castle, like Calton Hill, offers plenty of spots places for views of Edinburgh’s skyline.

Unfortunately it was very very cold and windy so didn’t feel like I could properly immerse myself on the guided tour. My hat couldn’t stop falling off my head and making me do more unnecessary leg work. I had already done a leg workout the day before flying out as well *smh*. Furthermore, the tour guide, as knowledgeable as he was, came across as a bit snobby and most of the self-admitted cheap jokes weren’t decent.

Free Ghost Walking Tour

My first of the two walking tours I did around the city was a ghost themed one with CityExplorers. The tour paid homage to Edinburgh’s most haunting and chilling stories and locations from murder and torture to cannibalism and incest.

I got to see parts of the city too I hadn’t explored prior so that was the first big plus. The second big plus was Johnny – funnier and energetic than the tour guide  for the tour guide. He really cheered me up after the shitty day up to that point. Again he had his blunt moments, especially towards Glasgowians but he was entertaining and made the stories more interesting than they actually are. Shoutout to him.

Food Watch

Kick Ass Hostel Cafe

This was the cafe for the hostel that I stayed at. I had at traditional Scottish Breakfast with tea. It virtually vanquished my migraine I had from the bar crawl. The haggis I had looked and tasted very much like a burger oddly. The portions sizes decent for £3.70 including a 15% food discount because I was staying at the hostel. Otherwise it would’ve been at your typical £5-£6 breakfast price and never would’ve considered having breakfast lool.

That being said, 20 points to Gryffindor!

Castle Rock Take Away (Grassmarket)

My desire to cheer myself up led me to try out Deep Fried Mars Bar, another recommendation from @Pennies2Pounds. At first I thought it was something exotic but then the lady at the chippy said it was just a standard Mars Chocolate bar fried. She made it sound underwhelming but when I had it I was still pleased with how it tasted. It was more or less melted Mars chocolate. £2.50. Expensive for a tiny bar in hindsight but at the time I needed cheering up with the shit day I was having. I guess the fact that you won’t get this anywhere but in Scotland could be an incentive to bump up prices more.

Extremely Elevated In Edinburgh - Castle Rock

Extremely Elevated In Edinburgh - Deep Fried Mars Bar

I’m glad I was able to get pass all the difficulties that were imposed on me. Going on the ghost tour and nibbling on Mars bars reminded me of the main reason why I had come to visit Scotland.

The final day of my stay will be dropping sometime this weekend if not the next. Catch up on what I did on my first day in Edinburgh. Let me know what you think of the reviews so far!

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  1. March 4, 2019 / 6:25 pm

    I’ve been to Edinburgh twice and stayed in Kick Ass too! Probably my all time favorite hostel! I also got a deep fried Mars bar from that same takeaway everyday too, haha! My favorite restaurants are Mary Milk Bar (or something like that, it’s right by Kick Ass and they have the most amazing ice cream), Oink on Victoria Street, and this American diner that serves the most amazing fry up.

    Rachel || http://anotherstationanothermile.com

    • Johnny
      March 5, 2019 / 10:27 am

      Wow!!! We basically had the same Edinburgh experience 😂😂 I kept glancing at Mary Milk bar and was so tempted to pop in and see what was up but didn’t end up doing so. Wasnt the biggest fan of Oink, their pork sandwich sizes were too small for the price they were selling them for personally

  2. March 4, 2019 / 8:19 pm

    Fab review of one of my favourite places ever! Will definatley try taht Amersican Diner!!

    • Johnny
      March 5, 2019 / 10:29 am


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