Diving Down In Dublin – Day 2 (Trip Review)

God was good to me on the second and final day of my weekend break in Dublin.
The weather kept shining through as I woke up from my comfortable, cosy mattress in my Airbnb and just made everything and everyone that I had interacted with that bit better. I still felt that there was so much to see in terms of views, which just lends credence to how rich Dublin is.
The one thing i was looking forward to most was the tour of the Guinness Storehouse and to be honest in retrospect the whole day kind of centred around it.
Recommendation of the day: For those into Hockey or Lacrosse or plays one or the other, research Hurling, a national sport of theirs that plays similarly to both sports.
Anyway this is how my Day 2 went down:


Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane
Before securing a brunch and spending my afternoon on a tour around the Guinness Storehouse, I thought I would do a bit of the sightseeing left from my itinerary and Dublin City Gallery (or Hugh Lane Gallery) as among the sites remaining (Free of charge of course).
It’s known to be the oldest art exhibition for modern art. Just like with National Gallery Of Ireland there are so many fascinating collections and pieces of art to look at and admire. The standout one at the moment is the Francis Bacon studio, the main feature is a stock-room like art room where you think it’s an ordinary pile of mess – but it’s a genius pile of mess (if you know what I mean ;))
Also concert performances often take place there I believe and there was one happening at the time I was in the gallery so opted to sit and watch for a while. It was greal and full of life!Classical and opera is not normally my kind of music but I can really appreciate the different musical range musicians can bring and
The best part for us travellers – there’s even a Travellers collection from Irish artist and author Seamus Nolan. Ladies, there’s even a mirror and desk dedicated for you to do make-up :p (pic below)
Next to the gallery is the Irish Writers museum, which I highly recommend you check out also.

Guinness Storehouse
The Guinness Storehouse was the attraction that was the most long-awaited, mainly because I had heard a lot of great reviews and my friend Monique (a new travel blogger, check her blog out) kept reminding me to go and spend three hours of my life in there so I was proactive and booked tickets in advance to make sure not to miss out.
She was far from wrong. It made my experience a lot more fun and interactive. You learn about the processses behind brewing/making Guinness and the different ingredients used in comparison to other beers and ales. I did the tour with an American family I met there when I got talking to one of the girls. They were simply the best! We got on really well, bonded over our travel experiences and day-to-day lives and the fun activities the storehouse offered and day-to-day lives. They offered to video or take pics of me, it was so good to have a good, memorable family experience when abroad and reminded me of the luxuries of group travel. We exchanged social medias and stuff so will definitely be keeping in touch with them #newtravelfriends
There was just a lot of things very magical and spontaneous about the storehouse: the waterfall at the beginning of the tour, which I got an awesome picture with myself at the front, the talking slideshows, the Guinness Academy section, where you can learn how to pour the PERFECT pint of Guinness (not as if you’re pouring a standard beer or ale). Being a bartender and knowing the tricks and trades of serving drinks my confidence level were through the roof so I stepped up first to pour my pint when our teacher “taught” us and – it was very decent. We all got a certificate to say that we graduated from Guinness Academy. I secured myself another 2:1 in a degree, as you can see I was goofily happy for the camera :p
Fun Fact: The biggest Guinness brewery is in Nigeria. Yep. I officially love Guinness now.

Samuel Beckett Bridge
After my adventure through the Guinness Storehouse (from bottom to top – and to the bottom again), I went for a final walk through the heart of Dublin to catch some last-minute views before I started heading back to the airport and seeked for the Samuel Beckett Bridge (Shoutout to @SideWalk Safari who lives in Dublin herself and suggested)
You can get the best view of the bridge if you’re coming from west side of Dublin and walking along River Liffey. It’s a cable-stayed bridge named after Irish writer Samuel Beckett and one of several bridges spanning the width of River Liffey. It really is a phenomenally striking sight and architecture


Dragon Buffet
I only went to one place for food throughout the whole of Sunday and it was the Dragon Buffet. I stumbled across it after I got my food from Boojum and was en route to the Yellow Umbrella waking tour, saw the prices (€7.50 for lunch, €9 for dinner) and instantly decided I was going there, even told the employee who was standing by the entrance that I was attending the following day.
The Dragon Buffet is an All You Can Eat/Eat All You Can chinese restaurant and it lived up to the hype I brought up. The variety available is that expected of a standard All You Can Eat which was good. The food ranged from egg fried rice to spring rolls to shredded duck, chicken wings, sweet sour chicken and. In terms of food quality Dragon delivered the goods! Would highly recommend and considering it’s in a touristy area of Dublin, you can go as far as to say it’s a bargain.

Final Word

For me, Dublin’s a reminder that cities and countries are not just cities and countries, but also stories and identities themselves. I recommend three full days to get the most out of the city. It’s convenience is suitable for those who want to keep fit, enjoy the weather and also save money on transport costs. For Londoners there’s more space to walk in and you can sense that there is greater degree of casualness in comparison.
A lot of my Twitter followers suggested endless amount of stuff to explore and I apologise if I didn’t take up all your suggestions.
Anyway without further ado, a big thanks to those who suggested things for me to do, their twitter handles are provided below:
Becky – @BeckySkel
Monique – @moniquemlondon
Ofai – @NewMan_Everyday
Alex – @alexnotemily
Isa Camille – @sassygoldilocks
Jennifer – @SidewalkSafari
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Ella – @heyparadis90
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Anyone of you been to Dublin before or are planning to go soon? Let me know in the comments below.
Feicfidh mé go luath thú (see you soon)
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  1. June 27, 2018 / 10:51 pm

    Love this! And agree that the Guinness Storehouse is magical! Wish I got the chance to go to the Irish Writers museum. Was also a nice to surprise to see my mention in your post, thanks 🙂

  2. June 29, 2018 / 8:25 pm

    This is such a good post! I’ve always wanted to visit and this has made me want to even more!x

  3. July 5, 2018 / 1:04 pm

    I have never been to Ireland but this post has made me consider putting Dublin higher up on my bucket list. I’ve never liked Guiness but I’m somehow still intrigued to see it be made. I’ve heard that Dublin is quite expensive for food and drinks, is this true?

    • July 10, 2018 / 5:53 pm

      Same! Though Irish Guinness itself or Guinness with blackcurrant cordial is so much better. As for Dublin been expensive for food yes it can be, but with research into the cheapest places to eat and a bit of wandering around eating out can be more affordable. Hope this helps.

  4. July 14, 2018 / 12:38 am

    My first time out of the country was a trip to Dublin. I was only 15!! Obviously, I have to go back! Thanks for all of this fun information! 🙂

  5. Nathan Tran
    July 17, 2018 / 9:34 am

    It’s amazing trip to Dublin:)) Thanks for sharing!

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