Camera Collection – Belfast

Loved my stay at the Vagabonds hostel – good company and hospitality, very artistic with its wall art and loads of things you can do. Check out their website here

Yeah – doubt that was gonna happen xD

Entrance to Botanic Gardens

Used electrical devices being put to better use instead of going to waste and harming the environment

Palm House

So cool these Northern Irish pound notes – smelt nice too ;),

Belfast City Hall

Remnants of the Primark Belfast fire late this summer gone.

Working the poses supremely 😂

My Belfast Camera Collection
Halting the walking tour for a squad photo 👌🏾 Read more about Belfast walking tours here

You’re seeing what I’m seeing right? A leaning tower. Albert Memorial Clock is Belfast’s answer to LeaningTower Of Pisa in Italy

The Big Fish: Kiss it and you’ll have all your questions answered!

Belfast’s Cathedral – the city’s main place of worship

The Peace Walls (Or Peace Lines) is what divides the Catholic and Protestant areas of Belfast

My Vegan meal – wasn’t the biggest fan of how the burger tasted to be honest. Fries were pretty damn good though!

Hostel Buddies!!!

My Belfast Camera Collection
Getting in some good Cuban grub before heading home 😊 More on my Cuban food experience here


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    • Johnny
      December 17, 2018 / 1:02 pm

      Cheers for the share Mark, will try and find time to check out. Good to hear you had a good time out there!

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