Blogger Q&A: Chloe Smith (@CocoVLondon)

As the title suggests, this post is going to be another one from the norm.
It’s been great discovering other bloggers across social media over the last few months. A lot of them have been inspiring, passionate and educational in their unique way and it is cool just surrounding myself with like-minded and driven individuals.
One of those bloggers recently has been Chloe Smith, or Coco as her social media alias goes, a promising lifestyle blogger and podcast host. Some of my followers on Twitter may or may not know that I did a travel Q&A with her not long ago
This time my fellow blogger, who I’ve gotten to know personally and found a lot of common ground with, kindly took time out of her daily schedule to feature herself on my first ever Q&A on this blog and return the favour.
It is untouched (well mostly!). Unfiltered. UnADULTerated. As Coco might say.
Enough cheese on this post anyway! Without further ado, here is the Q&A:
Johnny: Three words to describe travelling?
Coco: Eleutheromania, happiness and Numinous
J:  Some big words used there, almost as if it was hard to find the right words to describe it 🙂 What initially inspired you to travel and see the big wide world for what it is?
C: I enjoy experiencing life outside the UK to understand others culture beliefs, enjoy good food and be free to explore the unseen.
J: I don’t think anyone can disagree with those reasons. Given that they are common ones travellers have when deciding to go exploring. It is really important to discover what else the planet offers to you and others – What’s your most memorable travel experience?
C: Defiantly going to Greece (Cofu) That was my first holiday with  my current boyfriend. We opened up about where we wanted to for our future and it was the first time he said he loved me (I know super cheesy right!)
J: Hahaha it’s totally fine, I think that was really romantic of him and cute. It’s convenient that you mentioned your partner because your first holiday with your partner can be a great opportunity to strengthen relationships, bond on the various excursions you two have together and enjoy each other’s company even more
C: Defo, we had so much fun on our excursions. We also went off to do our own mini adventure. We got lost, took loads of pictures and made convo with the locals.
J: I’m glad to hear they were exciting. I like how inclusive you two were when it came to the locals. The local citizens can literally shape your experience in a foreign place
Next question – If you could go to a country you haven’t been to before right now where would you go?
C: Fiji I’ve been wanting to go there years. I want to make sure I pick the right resort before planning it as they all look BEAUTIFUL.
J: Sounds like you’re gonna have a tough dilemma on your hands. Understandable as you want to make that elusive trip as perfect as you can make it.
C: I know right.. I’m in two minds between two places so far. I may need your help since you’re the travel connoisseur lol
J: Loool well Fiji doesn’t get as much coverage but I shall try to do my research for you 🙂 Which two resorts
C: Laucala Island and Tokoriki Island. It’s a super hard decision because they both have so much activities for travellers to enjoy. Let me know your thoughts lol
J: Will do! Onto Question 5: Solo traveller or group traveller?
C: Group traveller – It’s all about exploring the world with your loved ones and creating memories with each other. Plus I’ll always need someone to be my personal photographer throughout the holiday
J: Haha always always….Anyway 5 more to go and they’re more relevant to your blog you’d be happy to know – Your blog is a lifestyle featuring food reviews, a relationship series and most recently a blogmas series? Which of your content would you say has been your best thus far?
C: My Relationship Series is definitely been my best work. Writing them has allowed me to be honest with my readers about my own personal experiences when in a relationship, as well as helping women/men who may find it hard to express their true feelings to friends and family. I get a lot of DM’s expressing how relatable they are and some to say thank you for helping them through hard times in their own relationships.
J: There you go…all those testimonies for one who has been there, done it and lived to tell the tale 😀 –  You’re obviously into critiquing food as well, which dish/meal out of those you’ve reviewed would you recommend fellow bloggers and readers to try?
C: Ohh that’s a tough one, but without a doubt I’d say Dalloway Terrace. [When I was there] I decided to have [their] pancakes with lemon curd and berries. By far those are the best tasting pancakes I’ve had in London. They were so fluffy and cooked to perfection.
J: I can imagine…especially when you’re paying somewhat a premium by London dining standards. Should expect nothing less than yumminess. You’ve also launched a new podcast called UnADULTerated Podcast. For those who don’t know can you tell readers what it’s about and what you and your panel discuss?
C: unADULTerated podcast features 3 “adults” who take you through the journey of growing up. My co-hosts Banke and Femi discuss why adult life is so hard and why we were not taught the ‘basics’ about being an adult in school/uni. We also lend our voices to today’s hot topics and give you our words of wisdom. It’s super fun, raw and real, we can’t wait to record more content.
J: I very much can’t wait for the new ep. I enjoyed your maiden one, especially when it’s like your own blog in that it’s relatable and very grounded in terms of your personal experiences. In reference to the first episode of your podcast, would you live in the city or countryside?
C: I’m a country girl all the way.. my partner wants to own a farm one day so being a farmers wife sounds pretty cool. I don’t mind wearing my hunter boots and barber jacket, collecting fresh eggs and growing fresh produce. City life is to busy for me, I hate how hectic and unfriendly we are. Everyone looks so grumpy and in a rush to get to their destination. We never really take the time to enjoy our surroundings which is quite sad as London is a beautiful city, we don’t appreciate it enough in my opinion.
J: For the long-living Londoner like myself it’s so true and you hit the nail on the head with London. I think the conservative, private and business-like mindset most Londoners adopted is from how fast-paced the city is and is what prevents from enjoying London to the fullest, particularly when I hear from foreigners how much they love it!
Finally if anyone wants to keep up with your work o how can readers of mine or future readers of this blog follow your work and what you do with your life?
C: I hope to do more features together so your following base can get to know me a bit better and interact with my via social media and my website. Who knows we could potentially do a day trip to Paris one day haha! My future readers can catch me on Twitter (@CocoVLondon) and Instagram (@Hicocovlondon) which feature my blogposts, quotes and life events.
J: Absolutely! Haha never say never 🙂 In fact…a dream of mine is to go travelling with a fellow travel blogger I met on social media
Well that ends the very first blogger Q&A on this blog. Be sure to follow Chloe via Twitter and Instagram (the social media handles and links are given in the Q&A or at the top of the page) to keep up with what she is doing.
Or directly through the link check out her blog:
Either way, start giving her some love and attention as well as help her with her Fiji resort dilemma whilst you’re all at it 🙂
But in the meantime guys. Keep liking, sharing and commenting on all the content coming your way! Stay tuned and make the world a bit bigger 🙂


Johnny is a 23-year old solo traveller and travel blogger with a craving to know the world better and make the small world bigger!

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  1. February 2, 2018 / 5:49 pm

    Great post. I really enjoyed this interview as travelling is something I am looking to do in the near future. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

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