5 Things You Must Do In Vienna

Renowned for its classy, prestigious museums and palaces, stunning Christmas markets in the winter and one of the big homes of classical music and orchestra, Vienna is a city that takes pride in the smallest of things in life. One of the main reasons why it was crowned the best city to live in by the 2019 Quality Of Living Survey for the 10th time and most liveable city

Harbouring on the eastern part of Austria, the city is surrounded with plenty of life and activities to keep you occupied: from strikingly good looking exhibitions and galleries, top-end restaurants and coffee houses to big green spaces and gardens.

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But to keep it short and sweet for you here’s 5 things that you must do when visiting the city of Vienna:

1. Visit The Belvedere Palace

Strolling through the city’s botanic gardens and around the pond whilst admiring the architecture of one of Vienna’s most popular attractions. Dating back to 18th century.

At The Belvedere, which is mainly divided into Upper and Lower sections, you’ll find some of the country’s finest and most celebrated art collections across both the classic and contemporary eras.If you’re looking for something picturesque. Do wrap up warm if you’re planning on going in the winter and standing in one spot taking pictures.

2. Try your hands on a Krapfen doughnut.

Austria is one of the best countries to go to if you want a satisfying sweet fix.And one sweet treatie is a soft and spongy doughnut known as the Krapfen. Originally made in Graz, some 200km from Vienna, it is filled with strawberry jam (my favourite doughnut) and loads of caster and plain sugary goodness (https://www.lilvienna.com/krapfen-austrian-jam-filled-donuts/)

My first time tasting a Krapfen and they were nothing like the ones in the pic below. They were HUGE in comparison and the icing was slightly harder and thicker.The best time of the year to try your hands on Krapfen is during the winter time and right through the national carnival season, which takes you up to the period of lent prior to Easter.

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3. And Try Your Hands On A Viennese Sausage

Popping up as the 3rd thing on my listIs having a Viennese Sausage (Wiener in German), one of Vienna’s household foods that you cant miss out on if you’re a foodie like myself. It is one of the most globally renowned type of sausages or hot dogs going around.

There’s different types of Viennese sausages such as the Frankfurter, Käserkrainer and Bratwurst. The Frankfurter is a pork sausage, the Käserkrainer is more of a traditional German meat thats fried while the. Many of the sausages are served with either sliced brown bread or a roll and are accompanied by either mustard, ketchup or depending on the sausage you’re going for.

Around the city you’ll often found at Wiener Wurstelstands, which are on-the-go sausage stands serving ready-made sausages. Wurstelstand Leo, Wiener Würstl and Kaiserzeit are some of the highly recommended sausage stands that are said to be worth trying.

For all the vegans or vegetarian unfortunately there aren’t much meat-free or vegetarian options to go round.

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4. Grab The Vienna Pass

One of the fewest, but biggest regrets of my trip if any is not getting the Vienna Pass (https://www.viennapass.com/). Mainly because a lot of the sights I ended up visiting were perks of the pass. Hence it’s a must do for anyone else going Vienna for the first time.

With the Vienna Pass, you’ll end up saving loads. If you secure yourself this. You’re hooked up with various discounts and free access to over 60 tourist attractions. The Leopold and Albertina museums, Ferris Wheel and Schönbrunn Palace to name a few. The pass gives users unlimited travel on the sightseeing tour bus, meaning you can hop off and on the bus for as long as the pass is active for.

Plus you save time as well with fast-track entry to other sights, so queues will be a total myth for you.24 hour, 48 hour and weekly passes are the options available for tourists, making it ideally flexible for those visiting on a day trip, a weekend or potentially staying for a holiday period.

I myself is planning to buy one when I go back in the summer or early autumn, or hopefully secure a complimentary pass from someone or somewhere (don’t worry guys I’m not doing this endorsement to impressive a few prople in desks, this is genuinely rate the Vienna Pass :p)

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5. Visit Vienna Opera House

Want to immerse in the Austrian culture but want a good place to start from, we’ll look no further than opera music at the Vienna State Opera House. Located within the Vienna ring, the opera house plays hosts to national opera and ballet showcases. They say up to 60 opera performances take place over one season. It is also home to the city’s annual New Year’s concert and Opera Ball, which is attended by many famous opera musicians and artists and people of upper class.

The Opera House is accessible to the public Monday to Saturday through 40 min guided tours around the building. Entry fee for the tour is €9 and there are two tours per day. Tickets for shows and performances are also available for purchase at the Opera House up until an hour before the performance starts.

As mentionned Opera is the biggest variant of classical music which is a big staple in Austrian society.

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Vienna, despite actually being a small city in comparison to other capitals, has a ton going on. It’s quality of life is impressively high, whether it’s for education, culture, healthcare or security. It’s also conveniently located close to other cities such as Budapest and Bratislava so you could always pop to the latter two for a day or two and be back in Vienna in no time.

What do you make of Vienna? the best things that you can do in order to get the best experience to see. Have I missed anything out? Feel free to leave all your suggestions in the comments section below.

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  1. jupiterhadley
    January 29, 2020 / 2:37 pm

    The food looks amazing but that pass sounds so useful. City passes are becoming quite the thing lately.

  2. January 29, 2020 / 6:36 pm

    I am channeling my inner midge Ure right now and serenading the boy! Good work… Please tell me you get the reference or I am going to feel like an old lady!

    As always a great round up of what seems to be a beautiful place. I have no desire to watch an opera but that opera house is stunning. I think it would be worth sitting through the opera just to be there!

    And who doesn’t love a good sausage followed by a doughnut! Although the 2 hours of exercise today is making me say I don’t love either of those things! *Sob*

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