5 Ways To Grow Your Blog – The Right Way

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There’s always that beginner who always asks more established YouTubers, bloggers, writers, vloggers the well-known question(s): “How did you grow your channel” “How did you grow your blog” “How did you become so popular”

Viewership and a core audience isn’t just going to turn up as soon as you launch your blog. You need to make your future audience aware of what your blog is about, the type of content you offer, when and how often you post and where else on the internet they can find you.

With 1k Twitter followers and almost 300 Instagram followers I think I know a bit about, not as much as other bloggers but some methods that work at least.

Growing your blog takes a lot of proactivity and not just posting once and expecting blog traffic to roll though.

I say the right way because as cynical as it is raising the point, there are bloggers and other content creators who have used follower bots and paid followers and to me it’s cheap and dishonest. Fortunately I’ve found genuine ways to bring more attention to my content without being tempted to take shortcuts.

These methods were basically key for me on my road to 1k twitter followers and you won’t go wrong following them

1. Authentic Engagement

I cannot stress enough how important this is.

Follow other bloggers, like, comment on stuff on their timeline so that they’re aware of your presence. I only encourage “follow for follow” and participating in blogger follow trains if you’re following bloggers of a similar niche to yours or you would enjoy reading. What I like doing taking the time out to read their posts, especially if they’re travel-related, comment on them and tag my blog to the comments so they notice my blog on the spot.

Praise them when they reach a certain milestone or get that elusive sponsorship or opportunity to work for a brand. Give them shoutouts on your feed. Share their posts, mention and how much you’ve enjoyed reading them (don’t forget to share your own posts regularly throughout the week too). Use relevant hashtags for when posting. Find some blog chats and comment threads to take part in.

What I’ve started appreciate about the blogosphere is how reciprocal and supportive most bloggers will be when you take the time and effort to interact with them and their content.

Of course you’ll get some bloggers who will sadly won’t reciprocate and will take and take from others without giving much back (a la follow trains) . Be the bigger and better blogger, and remember that one blogger, who didn’t make the effort with you in your rookie days, when another blogger approaches you.

This is going to be the cornerstone of your blog’s growth so if there’s one tip I want you to take from this post it is – ENGAGEMENT to the fullest!

2. Create a Blog Schedule

This is tying in with the part of audience engagement that involves sharing your content.

As the second heading implies, organise days and times in the week you’re going to publish. It gives you and your blog some consistency in terms of content production and a structure for . Maybe use follower apps that track the times your followers are likely. Common sense told me that a lot of people are more likely to free throughout the weekends and evenings as they would have. My young readers will probably be going out on a Friday or Saturday night so I try not to post then.

Also on top of blog scheduling, advertise those recent posts regularly throughout the week or when convenient. It also makes sure that other readers don’t miss out on your recent content.

3.Social Media Presence

This is something I myself need to work on a bit more.

Each social media platform is an opportunity to interact with a new bunch of audience. Not everyone networks the way you do.

For example If you’re mainly engagin on YouTube as more of a vlogger but not so much on Twitter you might want to start engaging and talking about your content and produce content in a blog form once in a while. If you’re engaging on Twitter but not so much on Instagram then perhaps be more photogenic and concise and hit the gram with your lit photographic skills.

The more types of social media you discuss your blog on the more people you’re likely to reach. Simple. Again I need to take my own advice on this soon haha!

4. Collaborations

What better way to bring other bloggers together than joining forces with them and collaborating. Collabs are a very good way of reaching new readers and expanding yourself to new niches. My blogger Q&A series is and a chance for my readers to get to know other bloggers who are working their socks off.

Write a guest post for another blog or at least a segment for another blogger’s post. Approach other bloggers who may be interested. Be audacious and approach brands that fit the area of blogging you specialise, expressing your interest in writing for them. You’ve got nothing to lose (the worst they can do is say no or not reply). Regardless of success, it’s a good way to getting into a business-savvy mindset if you’re looking to push blogging on a full-time basis or into some form of global success.

5. Attend blogger meetups

In the digital era we live in we spend a lot more time glued onto our smartphones interacting with people than face-to-face.

Joining and following blogger groups on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in particular can give you access to details of upcoming blogger meetups near you and a chance meet new and experienced bloggers alike and make new friends.

My first blogger meetup was the Black British Travel Meetup in March this year and thoroughly enjoyed my time. It was great to meet some bloggers who I had connected with on social media before. It featured lots of games, group activities, talks given by hosts and guest speakers and mingling. I also found some relatives of mine and acquaintances from Uni who were also travel bloggers and vloggers so that was a bit of a bonus.

Being a Londoner means I’m quite fortunate to be in a position to attend a lot of these networking events as they are mostly based in the heart of major cities. Even if you’re from a more rural area it is a great excuse for a day out or to go away for a weekend.

Final Word

Side note: was not easy. It took consistency, hard-work and commitment to the cause. There were days (and will be down the line) where I would think I can’t be bothered to share but I remembered how I got to this stage and kept

Authencity and blogger loyalty for the win.

I’m giving away all my secrets – but in the name of making the blogging community more genuine and fair. Let me and other readers know if there are other tips and tricks I’ve not mentioned or may not know about.

Follow me on Twitter or Instagram, and feel free to subscribe to this blog to receive my travel content straight to your inbox.

Johnny | The Travel Connoisseur



  1. Quite informative. Iโ€™ve realised that Iโ€™m enthusiastic on Mondays but by Wednesday when Iโ€™m doing my book post I run out of energy and then I have to force myself to promote.

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  2. The last year we have spent a lot of time learning “the game” of instagram and how to really up our Domain Authority and SEO tactics. I never knew there were so many tactics and procedures. What’s so frustrating for me, is the lack of consistency online regarding “what works” and “what doesn’t” I feel like so many people have their road to success and luck is a really large aspect of it. Keep up your good work: it’s a struggle of love, that’s for sure! 1k twitter followers is no small feat!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much. Yeah I definitely agree, there’s a lot of researching and trial and testing that goes into making your blog bigger. There are some blogs that grow faster than others, even my own, but I’m more comfortable with the ways I go about it and that’s an important thing.


  3. I really enjoyed reading this, you have some excellent advice here and really the information is well presented too. Thanks for sharing, I’ve also shared this on pinterest too and followed your blog too ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Great article. I think one of the most important things to creating a great blog and getting a good following is your third point. Consistency is key. If people like reading or seeing your pictures then give them what they want.

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  5. Thanks for these brilliant tips. Iโ€™m with you all the way on genuine engagement with other bloggers. Iโ€™m trying to build up my audience at the moment and have found it really rewarding to engage with other bloggers. Authenticity beats numbers for me!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Yeah it’s serious hard-work and graft, and as the saying goes Rome wasn’t built in a day. Meetups and networking events are awesome, especially when you meet with bloggers you’ve interacted with online in person.


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